Ralph and Billy Capuano took to the air to help the family of Darlene Clarke. Darlene was a young mother with leukemia. Her medical bills were enormous and she was leaving two young children behind.

The Capuano brothers decided to raise money by selling maps of a planned flight of their private plane to all forty eight states in 7 days. They raised over $23,000 to help Darlene's family. She lived long enough to welcome Ralph and Billy home, but expired shortly thereafter. We donated $7,000.

Joey Capuano and his three small children watched as his young wife was dying of cancer. She wanted to enjoy one last major event with them before passing on. We donated $4,000 to help her and her family enjoy a week at Disney World. It was the last thing she did with her children.

Let us know of any situation where we can help a family.