Causes We Help

Here are some of the Causes we support.

Bellflower Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, who help protect children against abuse.

Center for Families and Children, who have helped over 6,000 familes in need.

Hunger Network, who feed over 25,000 (yes that is 25,000) children a MONTH.

Camp Cheerful - A summer camp where severely disabled children can swim, ride horses, canoe and enjoy life out of their wheelchair. They meet peers and feel less the outcast.

The Theraputic Riding Center - Here handicapped children come alive atop a horse. They are no longer handicapped for one hour at a time.

Province House, where familes in need can turn for help and children are not left in the cold without food.

City Mission - Here familes can come for food and spiritual nourishment. They have taken hardened criminals and converted them to productive members of society. They feed familes who have no where else to go.

Middleburg Early Education Center - They tteach severly disabled chlidren.

Big Brothers- Big Sisters, who take parentless children and provide a big brother or sister to help mentor them.

We prefer those casues that are less visable in their fund rasing, where our donation means something.

PLEASE HELP US HELP CHILDREN IN DANGER AND IN NEED. THEY ARE OUR FUTURE. Send your donation to: the Capuano Foundation, 140 Greentree Road, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022. It is fully tax deductable and really needed.

Thank you.